Resolving Brain Shift

Taking the guesswork out of brain surgery.


3D Optical Scanner and Machine Vision Platform for Brain Surgeons


The Problem: Brain Shift

Surgical navigation systems rely on the patient’s preoperative MRI to guide the surgeon during surgery. BUT the brain is continuously changing shape during the procedure.

The FDA recently warned surgeons that errors in surgical navigation systems are causing patient deaths, serious or life-threatening injuries, failed, aborted or prolonged medical procedures.

These errors affect millions of patients every year, costing hospitals billions in related costs.

The Solution

We are building a Machine Vision Platform based on our uniquely capable 3D Optical Scanner to track sub-millimeter changes to the exposed brain. We will use this data to simulate brain shift and repeatedly update the navigation system with corrected MRIs.

3D optical brain scans.png
measured brain shift.png

Our 3D vision platform aims to prevent the profound clinical and economic pains associated with open brain surgery.

Post-operative Benefits

FOR PATIENTS: preservation of healthy brain tissue, shorter anesthesia time leading to faster recoveries and fewer complications

FOR SURGEONS: able to perform the planned procedure faster and more precisely

FOR HOSPITALS: reduced cost associated with extended recoveries, failed or aborted procedures, and uncompensated readmissions