3D Optical Vision System for Brain Surgeons.

Minimizing the removal of healthy brain tissue so patients recover faster and more completely


200,000 American men, women and children will have open brain surgery this year.

Each patient's MRI is used to both plan the surgery, and to keep track of the surgeons tools within the brain.

The MRI is a snapshot

Brain Shift

The surgery begins by opening the cranium, which creates a change in pressure that changes the brain's position and shape.  It immediately begins to slowly deflate.

The brain is animated

Precision 3D Vision

We track the exposed brain and use that data, along with a computer model of the brain that simulates the entire volume to animate a simulation of the patient's MRI, corrected for error.

Saving brain tissue

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Advanced Scanners is a seed stage medical device company, formed in 2017 by a PhD optical physicist and a serial entrepreneur to solve this decades old problem.   

In the future, robots won't replace humans.  They will enhance human capabilities.  This trend is taking place all around us.  Simply put, machines and computers can perform some tasks so much faster, consistently, and accurately, than we can.

To prevent a lifetime of catastrophic, but avoidable, disabilities for children with epilepsy, we are making a 3D machine vision system to make brain surgery more science, less art.

People and machines, working together.  That’s what the future looks like, and we are the eyes of that movement.

We see better brain surgery.

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