3D Optical Vision System for Brain Surgeons.

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According to an FDA warning, errors in the navigation systems used by surgeons are leading to “deaths, serious or life-threatening injuries”. This error complicates millions of procedures every year.

To save lives and prevent these injuries we built a 3D optical computer vision platform to address this error and our MVP is built to tackle an error known as “brain-shift”.

Solving this problem will save U.S. hospitals billions in costs associated with failed and aborted procedures, extended recovery periods, and uncompensated readmissions.


200,000 American men, women and children will have open brain surgery this year.

Each patient's MRI is used to both plan the surgery, and to keep track of the surgeons tools within the brain.

The MRI is a snapshot

The Brain is animated

The brain changes position and shape throughout the procedure.

The Navigations system doesn’t track movement

Precision 3D Vision

Our device tracks this movement and continually updates the navigation system.

surgery now goes as planned.

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Advanced Scanners is a seed stage medical device company, formed in 2017 by a PhD optical physicist and a serial entrepreneur to solve this decades old problem.

We see better brain surgery.

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